What is PhiAcademy?

PhiAcademy is a world renowned Cosmetic training institute that started in Austria. This Academy has created more than 50 million + beauty artists all over the world making them royal artists and masters of Permanent Makeup. PhiAcademy founded by Branko Babic has  invented the golden ratio divider to calculate the perfect eyebrow design, digital calculation of eyebrow symmetry using the PhiApp, pigments without toxic metals, to help you achieve international success in the beauty industry.


PhiAcademy Courses

It takes utmost hardwork and determination to become a certified PhiAcademy artist, which is one of the many reasons the certification holds so much value. The quality and precision of Phi techniques are internationally recognizable from all around the world, attracting a crowd that choose quality over price.

Courses offered under PhiAcademy:

  • PhiBrows
  • BoldBrows
  • PhiShading
  • PowderBrows
  • BreezyBrows
  • PhiContour

And More


Phibrows Microblading Dubai

PhiBrows Microblading is a hyperrealistic technique of drawing eyebrows manually (using microblading). PhiBrows is one of the most popular beauty treatments today thanks to the range of benefits it provides to the clients.

The true essence of PhiBrows Microblading treatment is that the design in this procedure is obtained by using the golden ratio. The golden ratio represents a proportion that already exists in the design of all living forms on the planet. The proportion is the ratio of two sizes or lengths, and in this case, it is 1: 1.618.


BoldBrows Microblading Dubai

Thick and full eyebrows are the dream of many women around the world. Fortunately for those who have sparse eyebrows and cannot naturally achieve this look, BoldBrows treatment provides a hyper-realistic eyebrow look.


What is PhiContour Dubai?

It is in our nature to strive for beautiful things and to be attracted to beauty. For this reason, most women emphasize the contours on their faces or they cover the imperfections with make-up. Phi Contour is a technique that allows semi-permanent eyeliner drawing and lip coloring within the contours. The perfect symmetry of eyes and lips is formed with the help of PhiApp. Thanks to PhiContour technique, daily make-up becomes permanent while allowing additional pigmentation on the skin to emphasize the contours and successfully conceal imperfections.

Why should I pursue a course under PhiAcademy?

  • After all the hard work required, becoming a certified beauty artist under the No.1 training academy is definitely a huge achievement. The certification holds tremendous value when you treat or train your clients.
  • After you gain your certification, your name will be added on the Phi Map where clients can choose the artists as per location and other requirement. This eventually opens a door for recognition and worth.
  • You will have lifetime access to the CraftMaster App creating a channel for improvement until you perfect your skills.
  • You will get access to Phi products which can help you kick start your business. Phi products are naturally processed, have no allergic reactions, no side effects and have proven to have a strong pigment that stays longer and brighter throughout.
  • As you become a PhiArtist, you can move up the ladder and become a PhiMaster where you can not only treat clients but also teach them beauty treatments.
  • Practice all over the World! After certification, you will be eligible to treat clinets in any part of the world.




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