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At Browsbar, we understand the importance of short-term results for our valued customers. It is why we also offer revolutionary and modern methods that involve non-laser gentle treatments.


One of the best tattoo removal systems available called the Rejuvi, a gentle tattoo removal method that takes less time and the results look more visible and superior in the long run.


In addition to Rejuvi, Browsbar also offers PhiRemoval, another revolutionary safe non-invasive method that’s second to none.  


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Rejuvi is a non-surgical, non-laser safe approach to removing unwanted or unsatisfactory tattoos in which pigments are gradually removed with specifically-formulated removal cream. Rejuvi is non-invasive and eschews any complications for the customers. In addition, it is effective on all color pigments and allows the skin to fully heal once the treatment sessions are done.


Once the cream is inserted in the skin, it attaches to the pigment and is expelled from the body using the body’s natural defense system, effectively removing all color pigments with no undesirable side-effects at all.

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  • It can be used to treat makeup mistakes as well as to remove professional and amateur tattoos.
  • The removal solution implanted into the tattoo site can draw all colors from the skin.
  • It is virtually painless than laser removal. And there is minimal risk of scarring.
  • It is perfect for customers who wish to have a safe non-invasive treatment.
  • Browsbar offers the most intriguing professional tattoo removal services with the latest treatments and quality services at competitive prices.
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In addition to Rejuvi, PhiRemoval is also one of the safest and most effective non-laser tattoo removal procedures, especially for customers who are not quite satisfied with their makeup or tattoo.


In this procedure, we use the equipment designed for micro-pigmentation, but with a special tattoo extraction formula. In this procedure, the skin is no longer exposed to meticulous PMU treatments or procedures, and it results in scabs forming throughout the skin. These scabs contain the tattoo ink in the treated areas and take a few days to form. Eventually, the skin extracts the ink while letting the treated area heal, with more scabs forming as time goes on.


It is important to keep the treated area dry as the removal will take more than one procedure for complete removal. But the results are immediately visible as the formula draws out the ink over time.


This procedure leaves no visible traces and scars as long as the epidermis is the only affected area, with the base layer cells of the epidermis being able to regenerate completely.


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