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Brows Bar UAE is a premium brow bar located in Dubai, UAE. It was established with a clear vision and a daring mission to offer a unique makeup experience in a luxurious environment with 100% satisfaction in our minds. Makeup is an art done best when performed by the real experts in the field. It is a very delicate form of art requiring not only precision but also the passion. Meet our chief makeup artist, Shohreh Eivaz Mohammadi!

Shohreh is a keen learner and highly passionate about makeup and it truly reflects in her work. She is always on the go and loves enhancing her knowledge and skill. She has a great understanding of the field and stays updated with everything that happens in the makeup world so that she is decked with the latest of knowledge and makeup tools.

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Shohreh has great credentials to back her knowledge in the field of permanent makeup. She holds:
Certification from AMIEA® as Permanent Makeup Artist. Certification from PhiBrows® as  PHiBrows Micro Blading Specialist. Certification from International Cosmetology Academy as Beauty Therapist. Certification from Biotek and Biotouch. In addition, Shohreh values the patient’s satisfaction and her professionalism and compassion is a testament to her expertise in providing the best makeup solutions for every client tailored to their needs and preferences. Under her supervision, the tedious process turns into a colorful journey of perfection and beauty.
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To excel and deliver premium semi-permanent makeup solutions in a luxurious environment through valuing integrity, professionalism, compassion, respect and quality. It’s also our mission to promote healthy makeup habits and help our patients with any issues they might be facing when it comes to the right makeup solutions.

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